Introducing: Clouds-B-Gone Filters

I’m proud to announce that I’ve teamed up with NiSi Filters to create a custom product for the astrophotographers out there: the Clouds-B-Gone filter! The cutting-edge optics of this filter cut through cloud cover and allow you to photograph what’s hidden beyond. You’ll never miss a display of aurora borealis or a meteor shower ever again!

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Journey Through the Torngat Mountains

Tucked into one of the most remote parts of Canada lies one of the last frontiers for landscape photographers and explorers alike: the Torngat Mountains. The area is an incredibly wild mix that fires up the imagination: Norway-like fjords, glacier remnants (and the associated turquoise lakes), a healthy polar bear population, jagged icebergs freshly arrived from Greenland, aurora-filled skies, cultural treasures, archeological gems, rich marine life, and some of the highest, most rugged peaks in all of Eastern Canada.

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Photographer’s Review: Why Manfrotto Tripods Stand The Test of Time

As a nature photographer who has ventured around the globe, confidence in my gear is crucial; I need to know that my tripod will not underperform, fall apart or inhibit me in any way as I head into the backcountry for days on end. Enter Manfrotto. A company I’ve come to rely on over many years for several reasons. Here’s why.

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11 Dream Locations Photographers Should Know About

Well before I started in photography I already had a passion for exploring lesser-known parts of the planet and remote landscapes. When I picked up the camera, it was only natural that I use photography to document some of my experiences in these kinds of destinations. As much as I believe that good photos can happen anywhere, even in the backyard, I feel fortunate to have spent time photographing those locations that have so much photo potential, yet generally fall off the radar. The world is full of these gems – the underdocumented, rarely visited or overlooked. While some places will remain that way for some time due to difficulty or costs of access, for others it may be only a matter of time before they become as popular as the current photo hot spots. There is much, much more to explore, but here are eleven locations that hold a special place for me and that remain largely obscure.

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Five Photographers Who Stepped Outside Their Comfort Zones

The entries are in from our #DitchComfort Photography Challenge, and we were truly blown away by the submissions, which came from all over the world! Fellow photographers have inspired me with their stories, their efforts to push their limits as people and as artists, and with the results of stepping outside of their comfort zones.

Congrats to our winner, Paul May, for winning the Grand prize of a 1-hour photography consultation and critique, and a copy of Summits & Starlight, and to our four special mentions (we couldn’t choose just three!), who will also receive a copy of the book. Thanks as well to everyone who decided to #DitchComfort and submit their photos. Some of you stepped outside your comfort zones just by entering, and I really appreciate the effort.

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Enter the #ZizkaChallenge on Instagram, September 3-7, 2014!

Join the Paul Zizka Photography Challenge on Instagram! Here’s how: Every day between September 3 – 7, 2014, @PaulZizkaPhoto will announce a new theme for that day’s entries. People must use @PaulZizkaPhoto and #ZizkaChallenge to enter their photos, and be following @PaulZizkaPhoto. Entries don’t need to be current photos. You can post some of your old favourites! Enter up to…

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2013 in 113 images – A Photo Narrative

Hello everyone! I hope 2013 was a fantastic year for you all.

I have been just amazed by all the support I have received this year. Thank you so, so much to everyone who took time to view the photographs and to interact through the social media channels. Initially I had so many great intentions for this traditional end-of-year post – thoughts on the state of photography, the trends of the photo business, what I’ve learned this year, what I hope to implement in 2014. Then we ended up moving houses here in Banff between Christmas and New Year’s, and with only a few hours left to 2013, and just barely enough room to type among all the boxes in this new office, I might just keep the post very photo-heavy. I hope you don’t mind, and I still hope to share those other thoughts throughout the coming year!

2013 was a wonderful, overwhelming, busy, fun-filled year for Paul Zizka Photography. Let me give you an overview of what happened using a few photographs…

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“Awash” – 2013 Floods in Banff – 6 months later

6 months ago today Alberta experienced torrential rainfall that led to the worst floods in the province’s recorded history. Environment Canada called the event the top weather story of 2013 in Canada. Our little town of Banff was largely spared, especially compared to neighbouring communities such as Canmore, Exshaw and High River. Still, many areas…

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