Water: 6 Photographs from Around the World

This past year, I have been lucky to travel through the South Pacific with my family, to the Northwest Territories for a workshop with Dave Brosha, and to Saint Lucia for some personal time away. No matter where I go, I am always attracted to water, to the unique character of the shoreline, features in the sea that surprise me, and the interplay of light and reflection. So, as we approach the end of 2014, and my international travels are done for the year, I wanted to share a selection of six photographs of water from around the world. Enjoy!

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Northern Lights Put on Another Show in Banff: Cosmic Curtains

Last night we had a nice aurora display last night over Banff National Park. It was pretty subdued to the naked eye overall, but the camera picked up a wonderful colour palette.

Self-portrait, Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park.

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Summits and Starlight: The Canadian Rockies

I never imagined publishing a book just six years after buying my first DSLR. At some point the idea of doing a book crossed my mind, but I thought it would be the culmination of a much longer career. Perhaps that book is still in the stars in the years to come, but the door was opened to me much sooner by publisher Rocky Mountain Books, and hence the journey began.

Summits & Starlight: The Canadian Rockies is my first book and the culmination of the last five years of photography.

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Who Turned the Lights On? Autumn Northern Lights Display in the Canadian Rockies

It had been awhile since the skies put on a really good show of Northern Lights here in the Rockies. Compared to the June 1 display, the skies have remained somewhat dormant, at times offering a that colourful glow but nothing to lose too much sleep over. That is until [insert date]. Seeing that the data was very promising, I head out for a night of photography with fellow aurora enthusiast John Price. The night took us to Two Jack Lake, Cascade Meadows and Vermilion Lakes – all very close to the Town of Banff. We discovered a beautiful display of colour early on, which never got very bright but covered a significant portion of the sky. The results were worth the sleepless night, and the loss of a boot to the firm grasp of mud and duck poop in Vermilion Lakes.


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The Sentinel – Auroras at Lake Minnewanka

I haven’t been this excited about a photo in a long time. When this shot was taken I was perhaps not the most thrilled photographer. It was the second night in a week that I went chasing the auroras all night and they were hidden somewhere behind a veil of clouds (as you can tell from the surreal sky) even though the rest of the country seemed to be seeing them. It turns out that I was completely unaware that I was taking one of my most memorable shots.

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The Magic of Skoki

The Skoki area has long been a favorite when it comes to backcountry areas in Banff National Park. The region boasts an amazing array of blue and green lakes in the summer, endless wildflowers and fantastic scrambling. In the wintertime, the area becomes a true wonderland for skiers. In the heart of it all is…

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