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Resources for Photographing the Canadian Rockies Featured

Each week I get emails or messages from fellow photographers asking where they should photograph in Banff National Park and the Canadian Rockies. Others ask me where to go hiking or scrambling so that they can get off the beaten track. I love getting these questions and seeing people’s enthusiasm for shooting these beautiful mountain landscapes.

Considering that each person’s physical fitness differs, as well as his or her comfort level in mountain terrain, I’m not too comfortable directing people to specific locations. And while a glance at my own photos will give you some clues as to my favourite locations, I thought I’d compile a list of resources that will help you photograph the Canadian Rockies – books, websites and apps you can leaf through for yourself to identify your next photo sweet spots. Read more

Paul Zizka Photography: Top 16 of 2016 Featured

As a photographer, I love to take some time each December to review what was created over the last year. I know I’ve taken a few images that are compelling to me if I can look at them and re-live my year through them. So, please allow me to share 16 images that are special to me, as well as the stories behind them. These are not necessarily images that others liked or that made a killing on social media, but they’re shots that got me fired up creatively. Enjoy!

Click on any image to enlarge and start the slideshow.

Classic Canadian Rockies Calendar (2017) Now Available! Featured

I’m excited to announce that you can now PRE-ORDER the 2017 Classic Canadian Rockies Calendar, by Paul Zizka!

We’ll be printing these in the coming weeks, and by putting in a pre-order you can guarantee to get your hands on one (or however many you choose to order!).


→ Order yours here

2017 Classic Canadian Rockies Calendar by Paul Zizka


Enjoy the best the Canadian Rockies have to offer through a collection of Paul Zizka’s classic photographs from this spectacular region. This large-format (11″ x 13″), 12-month calendar features a dramatic and varied array of Rockies landscape images – from aurora-filled skies to fiery sunsets, snow-capped peaks and jaw-dropping mountain vistas. 

Choose from one or a bundle of two calendars! Optional add-on to have the calendar signed by the photographer himself.

Size 11″ x 13″

Shipping/duties and taxes extra. Ships worldwide.

You can place an order in our online store here!

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