Introducing: Filterrific

Instagram filters guaranteed to make your images go viral.

Why embark on a convoluted creative journey when you can garner instant fame using our set of filters?

Now available as a bundle! ($49.99 $19.99)


Front of Canoe
Tent Frame
Enamel Cup
Road to Success

Finally… an easy recipe to a huge online following. Thank you, Filterrific. #filtereverydamnday 😎


#1 Front of Canoe

Paddle your way to popularity.



#2 Tent Frame

Because you’re cooler if you slept there.



#3 Enamel Cup

Increase the adventure quotient with caffeine.



#4 Road to Success

Pave the way to more Likes.



It’s easy! Simply apply one of the four filters and see your online stats quadruple. We guarantee it!

Buy now and we’ll include a set of John Muir quotes that will catapult your engagement to new heights!

“The mountains are calling and I must go.”

“Thanks to Filterrific I have grown my audience by 1000% in two short weeks!”


More Custom Paul Zizka Products

At Paul Zizka Photography we aspire to bring you innovative products that will take your photography to the next level:


I’m proud to announce that I’ve teamed up with NiSi Filters to create a custom product for the astrophotographers out there: the Clouds-B-Gone filter! The cutting-edge optics of this filter cut through cloud cover and allow you to photograph what’s hidden beyond. You’ll never miss a display of aurora borealis or a meteor shower ever again!

Available in 67mm, 77mm, and 82mm diameters.


A behind-the-scenes from the now-famous Lake Minnewanka bubble shoots a few winters ago. This is how we did it.

And now you can do it, too! Introducing “Bubble-O-Matic”, a set of convenient, lightweight carpets that will allow you to take the methane bubbles with you wherever you go.

Also available in “Hoar Frost” and “Spreading Cracks” varieties.

Starts at $19.99 per square foot.


Having made the most of ice-free, reflective lakes throughout the summer, come November we struggle to find open water that will mirror those surreal skies. But, why wait until the spring to shoot reflected scenes when you can do it year-round?

Insta-flections are so simple to use: simply unroll the mirror-like mat across the iced up water body, and watch the magic happen. Available in the following sizes: 10 square feet, 100 square feet and 10 square miles.


We’ve all been there: conditions are perfect, except you can’t find a foreground to make the shot a winner. Well, search for that foreground no more and order one of our portable, inflatable foregrounds!

Boulders available in limestone and granite.