Journey to the White Continent


It always seemed so unattainable to me. But after two days at sea, and a year of anticipation, I was mesmerized when we first caught sight of a few rocks off Elephant Island through the thick fog – harbingers of our imminent arrival on the fabled White Continent. There is no wilder place on Earth, nowhere more remote, more inhospitable.

And as I found out over the six weeks following that moment in early January 2017, you’d be hard-pressed as a photographer to find another location on the planet that is more overwhelming. The photo opportunities just kept on coming, and I’ll never forget the sense of remoteness, the way life thrived on a whole other level, and the scale of the land down there. I’m thankful for One Ocean Expeditions for bringing me on board.

Amazingly, I managed to underestimate how many photographs I would take on the trip. When I returned home from the White Continent, the hard drives were filled to the brim, and between test shots, time-lapses, bracketed sequences and such, I came home with 40,000 files! I’m just starting to put a dent into all that material, but I would like to share some of the early results with you.

Antarctica is a place that will stay with me forever, and I very much look forward to revisiting my experience there through the thousands of photographs. I hope you enjoy the sneak peek!

Click on any image to enlarge and start the slideshow.



15 Responses to “Journey to the White Continent”

  1. Laugel Chris

    Quelle expérience extraordinaire vous avez dû vivre ! Vos photos sont absolument magnifiques comme toujours …

  2. John

    Wonderful images. I enjoyed them all. I’ve had that itch to travel to Antartica for a few years now. I hope to be able to bend your ear a bit more about Antartica when I attend your workshop at Lake Louise in the fall. Keep posting those images. 🙂


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