Journey Through the Torngat Mountains

The Torngats.

The name alone evokes a sense of mystery. Tucked into one of the most remote parts of Canada lies one of the last frontiers for landscape photographers and explorers alike: the Torngat Mountains. The area is an incredibly wild mix that fires up the imagination: Norway-like fjords, glacier remnants (and the associated turquoise lakes), a healthy polar bear population, jagged icebergs freshly arrived from Greenland, aurora-filled skies, cultural treasures, archeological gems, rich marine life, and some of the highest, most rugged peaks in all of Eastern Canada.

“Forgotten World” Of all the images I have posted from the Torngat Mountains National Park, this aerial view of the Southwest Arm is probably the one that is most representative of what the place is like. Part Norway, part Canadian Rockies, part Nunavut, yet unlike anywhere else I have gone before. Photo by Paul Zizka Photography.

Best of all, all that incredible wilderness is now protected through the national parks system, and it is accessible to the adventurous-minded via the recently-established Torngats Base Camp.

Back in August 2016, I had the incredible fortune to spend a week in the area. It is truly amazing to be able to be among the first to document all that beauty with the camera. Not only that, but being able to do so in great comfort (especially given the remoteness). The facilities were top-notch, the local staff were most helpful and access to the landscape via zodiacs was as exciting as convenient.

The Torngats are truly a place you have to see for yourself. No words can do the place justice. It’s like a modern-day Shangri-la, an overwhelming paradise for landscape and wildlife photographers. Even images don’t get close to depicting what the Torngats are like,  here’s my attempt through my favourite images from the week (see below).

“Labrador Magic” The incredible, raging Nakvak Falls, deep in Torngat Mountains National Park. This gem is reached either by flying or walking a looong way. I cheated for this one. There was only enough time for a few quick, safe shots, and off we went again! Thanks to pilot Steve for an incredible morning up high! Photo by Paul Zizka.

I am very excited to live that “once-in-a-lifetime” experience again next summer, as I will be returning to the area, this time with fellow photographer Dave Brosha and a few other photo enthusiasts. I could not think of a more exciting environment for an OFFBEAT workshop. The workshop is sold out, but if you join our waitlist we may have enough people to fill another zodiac! Details here.

I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s faces when we sail into the secluded cove on Day One, realizing it’ll be our home for the next while.

Thanks for looking!


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