Port-a-Grounds now available at your local Costco!

I’m thrilled to announce that Costco will soon be carrying several of my landscape photography products, starting with the ever-popular Port-A-Grounds as early as May 2016:

Portable foregrounds for your landscape photography.

We’ve all been there: conditions are perfect, except you can’t find a foreground to make the shot a winner. You run around, photo gear in tow, in search of a rock, fallen tree, wildflower – anything to anchor your composition…to no avail.

Well, search for that foreground no more! Paul Zizka Photography is proud to announce the launch of a line of portable, inflatable foregrounds. Now you can make the most of any setting, with easy-to-use and lightweight props.

Discover the Port-a-Ground advantage and unlock limitless compositions!

Boulders available in limestone and granite starting next month! Keep your eyes peeled for our line of inflatable Tree Roots, Ptarmigans and Grass-in-the-Breeze.

“Tried it and loved it. A must-have for landscape photographers.”

-Award-winning Canadian Rockies photographer, John E. Marriott

Available for order now:

Mid-Size Limestone Boulder (see it in action below), small-size shale and jumbo-sized Bugaboo granite.


And that is not all! I am told two of the other products from the PZP collection, Bubble-O-Matic and Insta-Flection, will be available by autumn in Costcos across the Canada and US!

Click here to order!

9 Responses to “Port-a-Grounds now available at your local Costco!”

  1. hmunro

    Thank you SO MUCH for telling me about this! I’m going to swing by Costco on my way home and buy a 10-pack of these. One question, though: Will you also be offering a filter to get rid of those unsightly mountains in the background? 🙂

  2. Edin Chavez

    I actually thought this was real, and the really funny thing is that I have actually thought about this before!!! 🙂

  3. Mark Vanderkam

    This is awesome and exactly what I need! For the next evolution of this product line, let me know when I can get a Paul Zizka “human-to-provide-context-in-the-environment” doll to balance on a rock, leap over a waterfall, pose on an icefall, or lay prone on a frozen lake at night (I hope there will be an attached headlamp with batteries included!). If that is too difficult, perhaps a moose or sasquatch for version II. cheers!


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