6 Photos You Should See from Our Instagram Challenge

We received a total of 1177 entries into our Instagram contest, and with such incredible photos as entries, it made it very difficult to choose the winners! Having said that, these photos caught my eye, and won their photographer a copy of Summits & Starlight: The Canadian Rockies. Our Grand Prize winner will receive a print of Fang in the Mist.

Thanks to everyone who entered. There is so much talent out there, and your photos have given me new inspiration. Whatever you’re passionate about, keep shooting!

Be sure to follow our winning photographers, too! Their Instagram accounts are linked below.

Day 1: Black White

Day 1 Winner by @ericalanephoto.

Day 1 Winner by @ericalanephoto.

Says @ericalanephoto: “Let us go in, the fog is rising” – Emily Dickinson. Had a chance to photograph #bear399 last spring with her two cubs. Snapped this shot before they went back into the trees. I guess she started last winter with three, but sadly only two survived. Location: Grand Teton National Park.

Day 2: Summit Photo

Day 2 Winner by Photo by @jongiesbrecht.

Day 2 Winner by Photo by @jongiesbrecht.

Says @jongiesbrecht: “Be spontaneous, explore further, and live life to the fullest!” Location: Heart Mountain, Kananaskis Country, Alberta.

Day 3: Travel Photo

Day 3 Winner by @steveshannonphoto.

Day 3 Winner by @steveshannonphoto.

Says @steveshannonphoto: “Deep inside the Grand Canyon, the Colorado River cuts its way through layer upon layer of rock, in the process creating world-class whitewater rapids. Here, raft guide Jeff Strutz enjoys the cool spray with views of the canyon rim 5000 feet above.”

Day 4: AstroPhoto

Day 4 Winner by @soppygreatdane.

Day 4 Winner by @soppygreatdane.

Says @soppygreatdane: I call this image “Purple and Gold”, representing the distant aurora and the gold colours of the Ironstone in the hoodoos of Dinosaur Provincial Park, Alberta.

Day 5: Selfie in Nature

Day 5 Winner by @astoica.

Day 5 Winner by @astoica.

Says @astoica: “Between the Rocks” – self-portrait at Council Rocks near Tombstone, Arizona.

Grand Prize

Grand Prize Winner by @jaders1984

Grand Prize Winner by @jaders1984

Says @jaders1984: Photo bombed nature. Taken East of Jasper, Alberta, high on the Snaring River Road. Jasper Lake is to the far right (my most favourite chilling location) and to the left, in the background, is Roche Miette.

8 Responses to “6 Photos You Should See from Our Instagram Challenge”

  1. Chris Conway

    All really awesome shots.

    The two bears is my personal favourite – nice one Erica 🙂

    The AstroPhoto looks like it was taken on the moon. Cool stuff!!


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