2013 in 113 images – A Photo Narrative

Hello everyone! I hope 2013 was a fantastic year for you all.

I have been just amazed by all the support I have received this year. Thank you so, so much to everyone who took time to view the photographs and to interact through the social media channels. Initially I had so many great intentions for this traditional end-of-year post – thoughts on the state of photography, the trends of the photo business, what I’ve learned this year, what I hope to implement in 2014. Then we ended up moving houses here in Banff between Christmas and New Year’s, and with only a few hours left to 2013, and just barely enough room to type among all the boxes in this new office, I might just keep the post very photo-heavy. I hope you don’t mind, and I still hope to share those other thoughts throughout the coming year!

2013 was a wonderful, overwhelming, busy, fun-filled year for Paul Zizka Photography. Let me give you an overview of what happened using a few photographs…

In 2012, I did my best to get out and shoot alongside fellow photographers as much as possible. I learned much in the process. That trend continued this past year. I was able to make photographs alongside friends whose dedication, talent, humility, and vision truly inspires me.

I spent a lot more time doing instruction over the last months than ever before, and I have thoroughly enjoyed helping others go further with their vision and creativity. I look forward to spending even more time in workshop environments in 2014.

Jenny Linquist tackles night photography at Bow Lake.
Jenny Linquist tackles night photography at Bow Lake.

Again this year I was fortunate to be able to work with several great clients on commercial shoots. Among the many new opportunities I have really enjoyed shooting aerials and ski images.

There was also time for high altitude mountaineering photography. I even got to shoot my first Brocken spectre. Mountaineering photography is something I would really like to focus on in 2014. The list of objectives is loooong…

2013 was also a year of experimentation for me, and seeking ways to rediscover those mountains I love so much. Some nighttime climbing, underwater photography and subglacial photography emerged from those documenting efforts. I feel this gallery is representative of where I am headed in 2014.

2013 also marked the arrival of my first photography book, Summits & Starlight. Untitlfsdfdsfdsed1 Even though still photography was my focus this year, it was also great to see our time-lapse film Mountains in Motion showcase the Canadian Rockies on the global festival circuit.

2013 was also a fantastic year for aurora photography (although perhaps not quite as explosive as some expected). I will never forget the displays of June 1st and October 1st in particular.

As I mentioned, I was thrilled by how much interaction and feedback I saw throughout the year on social media. Here are the most popular Paul Zizka Photography images posted on my Facebook Page in 2013.

It is rather fascinating (and sometimes puzzling) how often some images stand out to me as being stronger photographs, yet do not do so well on social media. Here are some personal favourites form the last 12 months.

Finally, without a doubt my “photo of the year”! The arrival of our daughter Mistaya has had an immeasurable impact on our lives, including my photography. Thanks “Maya” for helping me keep a sense of wonder out there!

Maya Zizka
Maya Zizka

Here’s to a great 2013. Thanks everyone for your support throughout the year. See you all in 2014! Paul