Who Turned the Lights On? Autumn Northern Lights Display in the Canadian Rockies

It had been awhile since the skies put on a really good show of Northern Lights here in the Rockies. Compared to the June 1 display, the skies had remained somewhat dormant, at times offering that colourful glow but nothing to lose too much sleep over. That is until October 1st. Seeing that the data was promising, I headed out for a night of photography with fellow aurora enthusiast, John Price. The night took us to Two Jack Lake, Cascade Ponds and Vermilion Lakes – all very close to the Town of Banff. We discovered a beautiful display of colour early on, which never got very bright, but covered a significant portion of the sky. The results were worth the sleepless night, and the loss of yet another boot to the firm grasp of mud and duck poop in Vermilion Lakes.

Enjoy! Click on any photo to enlarge. 

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