Over The Hills – Part 2 – An aerial winter look at the Banff area

This is a follow up to a collection of summery Banff National Park aerials I posted a few months back. Here’s a glimpse into the wintry heights of the Canadian Rockies. Prints are available for anyone interested – just get in touch!


Castle Mountain looking like a ship making its way down the Bow Valley.


Blue hour on the Three Sisters.


Cornices of Mount Bourgeau.


Mount Assiniboine and sun-kissed ranges framed by the summit ridge of Mount Rundle.


First light on the upper limestone cliffs of Mount Rundle.


Sunrise over Canmore.


Perfect day above the Deathtrap! Mount Lefroy on the left, Victoria on the right. Abbot Pass is tucked in between.


Looking back towards Lake Louise from the seracs of Mount Victoria.


Sidelight on Mount Assiniboine, which stands high above everything else.


Odaray Mountain towers over Lake O’Hara, Yoho National Park.


Kingmik dogsleds from the air!


The sunlit quartzite of the Grand Sentinel.


The Lake Louise Ski Area. Perhaps one of the world’s most scenic ski resorts.


Chairlift shadows. Lake Louise Ski Area.


Lonely snowboarder dwarfed by the majestic setting of Lake Louise.


An overview of the Sunshine Village Ski Resort.


Lake Minnewanka stetches towards Devil’s Gap and the prairies. The original way into the mountains!


Shadow Lake and the incredible east face of Mount Ball.


Moraine Lake and the Valley of the Ten Peaks. All Ten Peaks but one are visible in this one.


The huge north face of Mount Temple makes a skier look rather insignificant.