Introducing Insta-flection

Portable reflections for your landscape photography.

Us high latitude landscape photographers have all been there…

Having made the most of ice-free, reflective lakes throughout the summer, come November we struggle to find the open water that will mirror those surreal skies and rugged skylines. Instead, we must face the fact that water has turned to matte ice and that reflections are now several months away…

Thankfully, now there’s Insta-flection! Why wait until the spring to shoot reflected scenes when you can do so year-round!?

Paul Zizka Photography is proud to announce the launch of a line of portable, rollable reflections.

Insta-flections are so simple to use: simply unroll the mirror-like mat across the iced up water body, and watch the magic happen. What is more, no need to worry about that pesky wildlife wrecking your perfect reflection!

Insta-flection is available in the following sizes: 10 square feet, 100 square feet and 10 square miles.

“Tried it and absolutely loved it. A must-have for landscape photographers.”

-Award-winning Canadian Rockies photographer John E. Marriott

Available for order now! Try our Port-A-Grounds too!

The Insta-flection in action:


And there’s more! If you ordered a Port-A-Ground last year you get 15% off your first Insta-flection purchase!


6 Responses to “Introducing Insta-flection”

  1. Darcy Harsch

    It’s so difficult to comment in a way that spoils how beautiful the Insta-flection is on this most perfect day of the year to unveil it. Bravo on your ingenuity!

  2. BreOfficialBlog

    Wow, that is very cool. Great photograph ( the colors are beautiful ) : )


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