Inspired By: Dani Lefrancois, Olivier Du Tré and Byron Harmon

This is the latest post of a weekly series meant to highlight some of the fellow photographers who inspire me to get out and make photographs.

Inspiration… At the confines of the Earth. The Tombstones, in the Yukon.

Here we go for this week:

1-Dani Lefrancois

Dani is my Bow Valley pick for this week. She has done some beautiful work since her arrival from out east. I love the passion she has for the craft and find her enthusiasm contagious. Have a look at her work here.

2-Olivier Du Tré

Olivier does some fantastic black and white work in the Foothills of Alberta, and is also an avid aurora chaser. He is a good friend of mine, a great all-around guy and he contributes a lot to the photo community. Do yourself a favor and peruse his photographs here.

3-Byron Harmon

Harmon was the quintessential early Canadian Rockies photographer. His body of work is phenomenal, particularly considering how much he carried around on his explorations. Have a look at the work of a true Canadian Rockies pioneer, and read on here for a few great stories!

If you share my enthusiasm for these photographers, I’d love to hear from you. Or feel free to send in your suggestions of “inspiring photographers”. Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting.


5 Responses to “Inspired By: Dani Lefrancois, Olivier Du Tré and Byron Harmon”

    • Paul Zizka

      Thanks Stephen for following along. I really hope I have time to write a lot more about each of these people eventually. For now, it’s just a quick way to say “thanks for your contribution to the photo community, and thanks for making me want to head out and create”.

  1. Jens

    Hi Paul,

    Great blog post. I’m a photographer who now lives in Vancouver, but I grew up in the Bow valley and went to school and graduated in Canmore.

    It’s great to see you recognize Byron Harmon. Right by my front door I have a Byron Harmon print called ‘Glacial Lake in the Selkirks’. I think it’s Byron himself in the image and he is standing on this huge piece of snow/ice and posing in a tweed coat, with his ice axe and view camera. It’s a daily inspiration to me, a print I treasure and it reminds me as I’m leaving my place to get out and live life to the fullest.

    As a kid I would always go in Harmony Lane in Banff, because I ski raced and Monod Sports use to have their store there and they always had great ski equipment. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I learned Harmony Drugs etc. was originally associated with Byron Harmon’s photography studio.

    You may consider writing about the Vaux family from Philadelphia. They a took pictures of the Lake Louise area and glaciers in Jasper National Park. Many of their images are in the Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies.

    If you are interested below is the link to my website and I just realized I have also connected with you on Google +.

    All the best

  2. Olivier Du Tré

    Geeeez Paul. I found this post through Google! Thanks for letting me know. :p

    Hey, I feel very honoured, knowing I inspire you. That’s crazy…. Thank you my friend. VERY much appreciated. But let me tell you, you are the one that is inspiring to a lot of us.


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