Inspired By: Brandon Brown, Frank Hurley and Francis Gagnon

This is the second post of this weekly series that will highlight some of the fellow photographers who inspire me. First, a little reminder of what you can expect to find on here…

Each week my intention is to share the work of 3 photographers, including one in my area. I want to highlight the fact that a lot of great photographs are produced in and around the Bow Valley these days. Some of the folks that will end up in this series are already well-known to general public, while others might be flying “under the radar”. Although the fields of adventure and landscape photography are of particular interest to me, I will undoubtedly also mention photographers who explore other branches of our art. You can also expect to find people from a variety of demographics, backgrounds and eras on here. The bottom line is that each of those people gets me excited about photography in one way or another.

WatchmanInspiration… Sometimes it takes a little imagination…
“Old Man Jimmy”, Crowfoot Mountain, Banff National Park, Alberta, Canada.

Here we go for this second selection:

1-Brandon T. Brown (Wild Canada Photo)

My local pick this week goes to my friend Brandon Brown, a highly-skilled, passionate, dedicated wildlife photographer. Brandon consistently comes up with fresh takes on the local wildlife. Make sure you check out his work at Wild Canada Photo.

2-Frank Hurley

This Australian photographer’s body of work encompasses both world wars, but the images I find truly mesmerizing are those Hurley took during Shackleton Imperial Trans-Antarctic Expedition. The final images he made of their ship, the Endurance, are haunting. It’s mind-boggling to me how he managed to bring back any images from such an ordeal. Here is an interesting site about that journey.

3-Francis Gagnon

A fellow Quebecois… who stayed in Quebec and is really making it happen there. Francis captures the essence of La Belle Province beautifully in his landscape work and has some fantastic images from outside Quebec as well. Check out his work here.

If you share my enthusiasm for these guys too, I’d love to hear from you. Or feel free to send in your suggestions of “inspiring photographers”. Have a great weekend and thanks for reading.