The Sentinel – Auroras at Lake Minnewanka

First of all, let me set the scene: this is what the aurora eventually ended up looking like at Minnewanka this past Monday night (Canadian Thanksgiving). This was actually taken at 2:30 AM on Tuesday morning.

“Eerie Finale”

Now for the unusual part:

If you get out enough you’re bound to get lucky…

I haven’t been this excited about a photo in a long time. When this shot was taken I was perhaps not the most thrilled photographer. It was the second night in a week that I went chasing the auroras all night and they were hidden somewhere behind a veil of clouds (as you can tell from the surreal sky) even though the rest of the country seemed to be seeing them.

It turns out that I was completely unaware that I was taking one of my most memorable shots. This morning I noticed a visitor made his way into the frame and I could not believe my eyes. The owl is surprisingly sharp in this 5-second exposure. Thanks to the Minnewanka boat docks for lighting the bird perfectly, and to Mother Nature for providing the perfect perch and background.

"The Sentinel" - Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, by Paul Zizka Photography.
“The Sentinel” – Lake Minnewanka, Banff National Park, by Paul Zizka Photography.

Finally, here are a few more images from that spectacular and memorable night.

Curtains Above Mount Inglismaldie
The “aftermath”…