“Skies Ablaze” – Another Aurora Night at Lake Minnewanka

Yet another sleepless night spent at Lake Minnewanka last night. And it was worth it. Immediately after returning to Banff from an evening ascent of Narao Peaks, I noticed the data looked good for a light show so I hastily made my way to my favorite aurora watching spot, Lake Minnewanka. The aurora danced on and off for hours. Most of the time it was barely visible to the naked eye, but now and then Mother Nature would put on a show that was hard to miss. The displays ranged from a very interesting, long-lasting pink streak directly overhead to wild green curls and purple pillars to the north and east. Here is what I brought home. Thanks for visiting!

Great pink streak early on in the display.


Lake Minnewanka Sea Serpent I.

Green curls to the north.

Lake Minnewanka Sea Serpent II.

Lake Minnewanka Sea Serpent III.

Purple pillars.

What a night!

14 Responses to ““Skies Ablaze” – Another Aurora Night at Lake Minnewanka”

  1. Inspired and pretty

    These photos are spectacular and amazingly beautiful ! Such calmness coming out of them.

  2. Damien

    Wow those are an amazing shots! I was on the lake the same night trying to capture the display 🙂 Did you hike to the other side of the lake and wait there all night of it? Its impressive!


    • Paul Zizka

      Thanks a lot Candace! I actually just very recently made my first visit to Waterton on an assignment for Canadian Geographic. What a fantastic place! I will be posting shots in the near future. Thanks again for commenting.


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