Sacred Shores: Most Photogenic Lakes in Banff National Park

The June monsoon is nearing its end in Banff National Park and it appears as if summer is about to reach the Canadian Rockies at last. While open water provides thrills of all kinds to a variety of visitors, it is particularly precious to landscape photographers, who get their “foregrounds” and reflections back! Photography on the “sacred shores” of the Canadian Rockies is very special for many. I for one certainly plan to spend a good time wandering around the lakes of Banff National Park over the coming months. I will be sure to share some of the scenes that I encounter along the way. In the meantime, here is my little tribute to those lakes, in the form of a whirlwind tour of the most accessible ones. To add a little depth to the post I selected images that provide a somewhat different perspective of the lakes. Here’s to a long summer and endless reflections!

Moody evening at Two Jack Lake.

Upper Waterfowl Lake.

Lower Waterfowl Lake.

Aurora Over Lake Minnewanka.

Sunset at Herbert Lake.

Johnson Lake Sunset.

Nighttime at Moraine Lake.

Hector Lake from the peak of the same name.

Dusk at Lake Louise.

Vermilion Lakes on a winter night.

Bow Lake and Crowfoot Glacier.

Inukshuk overlooking Peyto Lake.

11 Responses to “Sacred Shores: Most Photogenic Lakes in Banff National Park”

  1. Meghan J. Ward

    Travelling to the Himalayas last fall (a pretty “lakeless” place) made me realize just how special the alpine lakes of the Rockies are. We are so privileged to have these brilliantly blue lakes dotting our landscape. Thanks so much for sharing the variety of aspects of Banff’s shores. It makes me appreciate them all the more!

  2. Judy

    Absolutely amazing photos! You have a true gift. My husband and I love Banff and your photos of the lakes we love are stunning! Thanks for sharing your talents!


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