Huge Skies and Clouds to Match

For a guy who lives so close to the mountain front, it is embarrassing how rarely I venture into the Prairies. Even this past Saturday, I was just passing through on my way to more mountains, those of the Bragg Creek area (which tend to be drier and are conducive to high elevation pursuits at this time of the year). Every time I do get to the flatlands though I am amazed at the skies. And often I wish that in the mountains too, nature would be given such a huge canvas to paint its wildest creations. Two nights ago, returning home from an ascent of Mount Fullerton, we were treated to a fantastic sunset followed by stunning mammatus clouds. I noticed the clouds as I exited a gas station on the Transcanada Highway and knowing that I probably only had a few minutes to shoot them, I was forced to make the most of the surroundings in terms of composition. Still, the shots give an idea of how surreal the skies can look in that part of the world.

4 Responses to “Huge Skies and Clouds to Match”

  1. Eric

    I love the beam of light on the wooden post. Those clouds look very “HDR”. I only wish we have clouds like that in my part of the world….we’re lucky if we get any clouds at all!

  2. Paul Zizka

    I know! They do have an “intrinsic” HDR quality to them. Get ready for clouds of all kinds when you visit Eric!


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