Aurora Watching Web Resources

If you like northern lights photos, check out The Canadian Rockies: Rediscovered, by Paul Zizka.

The big “FAQ” for me has always been “which northern lights prediction websites do you recommend?” No matter how much one monitors the data available, viewing the aurora always involves an element of unpredictability. Familiarizing yourself with the following resources should improve your chances.

Alberta Aurora Chasers – Facebook Group

reports from aurora chasers on the ground


reporting auroras from the ground up


Alberta aurora status

ebook: Paul Zizka’s Guide to Photography in the Canadian Rockies – Banff to Lake Louise Edition

[save 10% with the code AURORA] – resources and index of the best locations for shooting auroras between Banff and Lake Louise

PZP_Promo Images_Rectangle9

Soft Serve News

aurora borealis forecast


the latest space weather news and updates

Space Weather Prediction Centre

current space weather conditions

news and information about the sun/earth environment

University of Alaska Geophysical Institute

Alaska aurora forecasts


Tromsø LIVE northern lights solar activity, prediction and forecast

6 Responses to “Aurora Watching Web Resources”

  1. JimR

    Great shot Paul. I love the sillohetted mountains with the shimmering glow of aurora behind.


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