A Night on Mount Rundle

Last Saturday I decided to “switch” into summer mode. I ditched the skis, turned my back to the icefields, laced up the boots, packed a fair amount of photo gear and headed up Banff’s iconic Mount Rundle with plans to spend the night up high. It turned out to be a good idea. The route up had recently dried up and the camping spot was nothing short of spectacular. At the top of the westernmost peak I was greeted by a fine sunset. Later on, the stars came out and the aurora even made an appearance over Lake Minnewanka. After shooting the sunrise I made my way back to town for coffee. Here are a few shots from a great first summer outing! Here’s to a long, sunny summer!

Beautiful spot on the ridge.

Sunset over Banff.

Milky Way and aurora over the Fairholme Range.

Aurora over Banff.

Star-filled eastern skies.

Time-lapse rig – I recorded a few sequences for Mountains In Motion.

First light on the Banff Springs Hotel. Bow Falls are also visible.

6 Responses to “A Night on Mount Rundle”

  1. gurdish

    Great pics, especially I love the last one, as it reminds of the time spent in that exact spot last summer!

  2. samphelan

    I’ve been browsing around your blog and absolutely LOVING the photography of Banff. I grew up in Newfoundland but have recently found myself travelling around the world in search of new sights, tastes, and sounds. It’s photography like yours that makes people realize that they don’t have to go outside their country in order to see something truly spectacular. Stellar job!

  3. Today Is a Gift

    Love the pics, I am planning a trip there this summer and was wondering how it was to stay there? Fees, if you are actually aloud to and such, would be super helpful thanks!!


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