A Night on Mount Rundle

Last Saturday I decided to “switch” into summer mode. I ditched the skis, turned my back to the icefields, laced up the boots, packed a fair amount of photo gear and headed up Banff’s iconic Mount Rundle with plans to spend the night up high. It turned out to be a good idea. The route up had recently dried up and the camping spot was nothing short of spectacular. At the top of the westernmost peak I was greeted by a fine sunset. Later on, the stars came out and the aurora even made an appearance over Lake Minnewanka. After shooting the sunrise I made my way back to town for coffee. Here are a few shots from a great first summer outing! Here’s to a long, sunny summer!

Beautiful spot on the ridge.

Sunset over Banff.

Milky Way and aurora over the Fairholme Range.

Aurora over Banff.

Star-filled eastern skies.

Time-lapse rig – I recorded a few sequences for Mountains In Motion.

First light on the Banff Springs Hotel. Bow Falls are also visible.