The Magic of Skoki

The Skoki area has long been a favorite when it comes to backcountry areas in Banff National Park. The region boasts an amazing array of blue and green lakes in the summer, endless wildflowers and fantastic scrambling. In the wintertime, the area becomes a true wonderland for skiers.

In the heart of it all is the one and only Skoki Lodge, one of Canada’s oldest backcountry ski lodges. Built in the 1930s, the Lodge is the ultimate “cozy log cabin in the Canadian wilderness” experience. I was lucky to visit Skoki for the second time in just a few months last week. Words cannot describe the charm this place has. Hopefully photos can do a better job at it. If you ever get a chance to spent a few nights at the Lodge, go for it. Truly a place one never forgets.

Welcome to Skoki

Cozy surroundings

Molar Room

The amazing dining room

Welcome to 1940

All of the journals have been kept and make for terrific reads

Room detail

Skiing out through a postcard. Ptarmigan Peak in the background.

Of course, the legendary cuisine

Still tucked in for the winter

Skoki local

Sudden snowstorm

Amidst the forests and peaks stands Skoki Lodge

Skoki Night

Short side-trip to Fossil Mountain

Bill, Lodge dog

Bill, Lodge dog II

Chicken dishes for dinner

Welcome to 1940 II

Springtime icicles

Cones for lightbulbs…

The local library

Sudden snowstorm II