My Contribution to LIVE! with Kelly

The very popular show LIVE! with Kelly is here in Banff to broadcast four of their episodes, and this has created quite the buzz in our little town. I am excited to be providing the landscape images for the show and showing off our amazing part of the world to millions of viewers. Here is the schedule (for CTV) if you want to catch a show! For prints of our Banff National Park landmarks in winter (or summer), just get in touch!

Banff Avenue show on tickets

Lake Louise Pano for the set – apologies for the iPhone shot!

Other images used – Peyto Lake in Winter

Other images used – Winter on Banff Avenue

Other images used – Sunrise coffee at Vermilion Lakes

Credits – apologies for the screenshot!

7 Responses to “My Contribution to LIVE! with Kelly”

  1. daseffekt

    I saw a super quick commercial about this on TV the other night and I just about jumped out of my chair. I think I actually yelled “Hey I’m going there in October!”

  2. daseffekt

    I saw a short blurb about this on TV the other night while I was washing some dishes. I yelled, “Hey I’m going there in October!” and I probably splashed water everywhere as a ran to the TV to turn it up.

  3. Paul Zizka

    Thanks everyone! It made the week rather exciting! If you have not been out this way yet maybe it is time for a trip… 😉


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