Introducing Port-a-Grounds

Portable foregrounds for your landscape photography.

We’ve all been there: conditions are perfect, except you can’t find a foreground to make the shot a winner. You run around, photo gear in tow, in search of a rock, fallen tree, wildflower – anything to anchor your composition…to no avail.

Well, search for that foreground no more! After over a year of work with designer Julie Kapuscinski (from, Paul Zizka Photography is proud to announce the launch of a line of portable, inflatable foregrounds. Now you can make the most of any setting, with easy-to-use and lightweight props.

Discover the Port-a-Ground advantage and unlock limitless compositions!

Boulders available in limestone and granite starting next month! Keep your eyes peeled for our line of inflatable Tree Roots, Ptarmigans and Grass-in-the-Breeze.

“Tried it and loved it. A must-have for landscape photographers.”

-Award-winning Canadian Rockies photographer John E. Marriott

Available for order now:

Mid-Size Limestone Boulder (see it in action below)

Click here to order!

13 Responses to “Introducing Port-a-Grounds”

  1. Donna Doherty

    I don’t like the idea. And in this example I think it just looks weird and distracting. Maybe because I know. But then again if it was my photo I’d know and therefore it would lose something. I wouldn’t use them.

  2. Christine Bertschy

    lol…totally got me, I was wondering NOW what is this world coming to?

  3. Paul Zizka

    Happy April Fools’ Day everyone! Have a great week and thanks for dropping by!

  4. muntoo

    Rocks are nice, and everything, but I usually carry tree branches; they may not be as good as logs, but they have much more impact than rocks. However, I am willing to try your Ode to Obsidian(TM) collection. Do you plan on producing high quality tree branches? I’d love to buy some professional quality tree branches, as opposed to my homemade ones.

  5. Paul Zizka

    Thanks for your input Muntoo. and for your interest in the upcoming igneous rock collection. Knot-free branches will be available as of July 2012, in both the aspen and subalpine fir varieties.


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