The Aurora – Canada’s Beacon

Sunspot AR1429 went wild this week and showered our planet with aurora almost nightly. More displays are likely this weekend, and as we approach the 2013 solar maximum. I am fortunate to live in one of the world’s few countries that experience the lights and have been able to view them from a few different provinces/territories, including here at home in Banff National Park, Alberta. While the displays we get here never match what can be experienced in the Arctic, seeing the lights emerge from behind the mountains is extra special. Here is a sample of a few special lit up nights I enjoyed in the wilderness.

I am very excited to be heading up to the Yukon for the first time this fall in search of the aurora. I will be sure to share the images on the blog! Have a great weekend everyone, and don’t forget to look up!


3 Responses to “The Aurora – Canada’s Beacon”

  1. Dan Jurak

    Stunning stuff Paul. I stumbled upon Mountains in Motion from aurorawatch. Beautiful trailer!

    Congrats on all the great stuff!

  2. Paul Zizka

    Thanks a lot Dan. Means a lot coming from a fellow photographer!

  3. JJ Lim

    All these images are so captivating. I didn’t had to go any further than your homepage to be completely captivated.


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