Changes at Paul Zizka Photography

Hello everyone and welcome to the new blog! Here is more about the changes you can expect at Paul Zizka Photography in the future.


Over the last weeks I joined efforts with Julie at Look Creative to create a new image for what I do. Together we ended up with a (clever) logo that we feel represents what Paul Zizka Photography is all about. Outdoor adventure, natural beauty and new heights! The new look will be rolled out throughout the business in the coming days.

In addition to the rebranding the website (including the blog) was also completely redone. I feel it is more aesthetic, simpler and easier to navigate. Feedback is most welcome.


Yesterday’s was the last of the “Daily Photos” as I will be posting more “organically” moving forward. I intend to post images at roughly the same frequency I used to, but at times where it makes more sense to post them    as opposed to trying to stick to a rigid schedule. This will ensure that only my best work makes it onto the social media sphere.

I really look forward to seeing Paul Zizka Photography move forward with these latest exciting changes and welcome any comments you may have.

Thank you very much for your support and interest in what I do,


5 Responses to “Changes at Paul Zizka Photography”

  1. Wesley Picotte |

    Paul, congrats on the redesign, and well done. I really admire your work but have to say that your previous website wasn’t doing you any favors. I’ve been a web strategist for a number of years with a lot of experience in usability, and think the simplified navigation and focus on the photography emphasized by the new design will help to improve the visitor experience.

    The use of a carousel for your image galleries is also good for visitors (though terrible for SEO). All the same, really great job, and kudos!

    Also glad to hear we’ll still get to experience your images via the blog. I shared the Fishtail image you posted over the weekend with a group of friends while at dinner and it was a resounding stunner!

  2. Paul Zizka

    Thanks very much for the feedback everyone! How refreshing to navigate a brand new environment eh? I appreciate you taking the time to comment.

  3. Greatyarmouthnorfolk

    Thanks $author. You have some great seo advice, thanks for sharing this and making it simple enough for anyone to be able to grasp, I’ve subscribed to your feed, looking forward to your new posts!


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