Off to bigger mountains

After a jam-packed weekend finalizing a number of photo projects and madly packing, the time has come to head out on the road, more specifically to the high peaks of Nepal. This is primarily a trekking adventure, where our group of five is hoping to visit the base camps of several of the 8,000m mountains while we are there (partly out of personal interest, partly for work).

I do not expect to be overly active in cyberspace between now and mid-December. After all it is good for the mind and soul to “disconnect” from time to time! I look forward to sharing photographs with everyone upon returning to Canada. The “Daily Photos” will resume some time in December.
Should any of you have inquiries or requests between now and mid-December, I encourage you to simply email me at as I will be checking in occasionally.
It has been another fantastic summer in the Canadian Rockies, and I want to thank everyone for their ongoing support and genuine interest in what I do.
PS The photo below, the last “Daily Photo” for a little while, is NOT from the Himalaya. It was taken right here in the Canadian Rockies on a day where I recall us mentioning how “huge” and “Himalayan” everything around us looked. Of course we did not know what “Himalayan” meant, but we will soon find out!

Click on the image for a larger version. Taken in the Lyells, on the edge of Banff National Park.

3 Responses to “Off to bigger mountains”

  1. Brianna

    That sounds amazing! Safe travels and I wish you all the best in your new adventure! I admire your work immensely and look forward to seeing your photos upon your return. 🙂


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