Daily Photo – Vermilion Monochrome

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Vermilion Monochrome

This was the scene last Friday morning at Vermilion Lakes. No matter the weather, time of day or season, the lakes always have something to offer to the eager landscape photographer. Typically I visit the first or second lakes because I like to shoot wide without having Mt Rundle recede too much into the background. That morning though I spent most of my time at the third and last lake. This was a “Caffeine and Cameras” morning, meaning a small number of Bow Valley photographers were meeting up for a sunrise outing. Did we ever pick a good morning to be on location early – the sunrise was fantastic and was talked about by all through the weekend!
After the pinks, purples and oranges died down, the skies were still dramatic and so I turned my attention to black and white possibilities around me. I worked that boulder for quite a while and here are a few of the results I ended up with.

All shot at f/11, ISO 50, 17.0mm, 20-30 seconds with a thick ND filter.