Then There Were Four

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Then There Were Four

This image was taken during a recent visit to Upper Waterfowl Lake. The lake has a much “wilder” feel than its Lower counterpart, yet it is rarely a busy place. Upper Waterfowl Lake has an overwhelming potential for “big landscape” images: foreground of boulders and reeds amidst crystal clear waters, background of snowy, steep peaks that are bathed in beautiful light in the morning. Once the pinks and reds of sunrise fade away, the second act of the morning show begins. For that one, one needs to look directly across the lake, where a few outlying trees first escape the growing sunlight, then get absorbed by it one by one. Just magical.
f/13.0, 1/15, ISO 200, 145.0 mm
Eventually they all succumb to the grip of the Sun:

A few more images taken during Act II: