Paul Zizka Featured In (Selections):

Huffpost Living Canada – Paul Zizka’s Photos of the Rockies will Take Your Breath Away

Maclean’s – Photo Essay: Otherworldly Selfies in the Natural World

Daily Mail (UK) – N-ice selfie! Canadian photographer snaps himself in front of mesmerising landscapes and stunning snow-covered scenery

Travel Alberta Winter Magazine – Running Toward the Light: On the Hunt for Aurora Borealis in Alberta

Up Magazine –  Paul Zizka’s 3 Tips For Astrophotography

Toque & Canoe – Afraid of the dark? Don’t be. Paul Zizka’s primal relationship with the night sky

Nature Conservancy Canada – Picturing Canada’s Rockies: A Q&A with photographer Paul Zizka

Ugo Cei – F Stop Lounge Interview with Paul Zizka

SLR Lounge – Landscapes From Earth May be Better Than Outer Space

Scottish Daily Record – In pictures: Our picture editor selects the best images from around the globe, January 14

**Huffington Post (UK) – ‘Selfies’ Against The Northern Lights & The Frozen Canadian Wilderness Will Put Yours To Shame

**Daily Mail (UK) – No Instagram filters necessary: Photographer puts all other selfies to shame with stunning images of himself in the frozen wilderness

Highline Magazine – A few of Paul Zizka’s favourite things: his newborn, new book and northern lights

Toque & Canoe – Reimagining the Rockies: Paul Zizka on Canada’s Mountain West

British Columbia Photography – Interview with Landscape Photographer Paul Zizka – SmugMug Corner #78: Paul Zizka

Darwin Wiggett – Inspirations – Paul Zizka

**A note about these publications: The ice climbing shots were mistakenly described as self-portraits or “selfies” by the publication. All the other images are, in fact, self portraits.

Recent Select Print Publications by Paul Zizka

The Canadian Nature Photographer. A Moment in Time. November 2013.

Calgary Herald. Yoga with a View. C5. Real Life. Outside. October 17, 2013.

Digital Camera Magazine – Chinese. July 2013 Issue.

up magazine – Tips on capturing Lake Louise in photographs.

Snowshoe Magazine. Escape to Snow Paradise in Kananaskis, Alberta.

British Columbia Magazine. Spiffy Biffies. Pg. 14. (Spring 2013).

Canadian Geographic. Sun Struck. Pg. 3, 40, 41. (January/February 2013).

Impact Magazine. The Land that does not melt. Pg. 40-43. (November/December 2012).

Impact Magazine. Cover Photo, various with article.  Ultra Awesome: Ellie Greenwood, the World’s Best 100K Runner. (July/August 2011)

explore magazine. Happy Hiking. Pg. 46-47, 54. (Fall 2012).

explore magazine. The Best of Banff. Photos on various pages (33-46). (June 2010)

explore magazine. Cover Photo. (Winter 2009)

explore magazine. The Best of Our Parks. Pg. 30. (June 2009)

Highline Magazine. Freeze Worthy Photography. Pg. 12. (Winter 2012)

Canadian Alpine Journal. The State of the Mountains Report. Vol. 94. Pg. 26-33. (July 2011)

Online Articles by Paul Zizka

Outdoor Photographer. Behind The Shot: ‘Ice Dreams’ by Paul Zizka – Haffner Creek, Kootenay National Park, Canada. January 13, 2014.

Calgary Herald. Stunning photos of the Canadian Rockies like you’ve never seen before.

National Geographic Adventure. Extreme Photo of the Week – Climbing Portal Peak, Banff National Park, Canada

Highline Magazine