Latest Work

Here is a sample of my latest images. Contact me for print orders.

25 Responses to “Latest Work”

  1. Jeyatha

    Love your photos.. I live in Canada and really interested in learning how to photograph northern lights.. Do you conduct classes for amateur photographers? I have a Canon 5D and love nature photography.. Thank you..

    • Paul Zizka

      Hello Jeyatha and thanks very much for your comments. I do provide instruction on a regular basis. 2013 events will be added here as they become available. However we can always arrange customized instruction. I suggest you email me at and we can go from there.

  2. Alex

    incredible photos. how do you find taking your slr climbing and mountaineering? do you limit yourself to a lens or two? do you keep the camera in the pack until you get to a good shot or is it on a chest harness etc?

    • Paul Zizka

      Thanks so much Alex. I actually wrote a post related to that. I like to keep the camera handy at all times and typically carry it, along with a second lens, around my waist. Have a read and let me know if you have any questions! Thanks again!

  3. Christian Ravary

    Your work is absolutely breathtaking. I don’t know if you organize trips, night photography session or just go out with people and their cameras but if you do, I would be very very interested in!

    • Paul Zizka

      Thanks very much Christian! I regularly run workshops and do private instruction as well. Here is a little more info. I will announce several events for 2014 in the coming days. Let me know should you have any questions.

  4. Jeff

    Holy Shit! Your pics are “F”in amazing!! Love’em Keep up the great work!

  5. Craig

    Just wondering. The Sentinel, which is stunning and I will be purchasing this week I hope seems to be, same shot, two different pictures from the landscape collection (centred tree) and the most recent collection(tree seems set off to left side). Is this correct. Are there many different options. Love your work. I live in town does anyone carry your work. Thanks in advance.

    • Paul Zizka

      Thanks for yur comments Craig and for your interest in a print of The Sentinel. You are correct. Those are just various crops of the same image. The original shot has the tree directly in the middle of the image. Either can be print quite large. Just let me know which one you prefer and I can assist you through the process.

      Thanks again!


  6. Maine McEachern

    Paul. You’re a genius! This is the finest photographic work of the Canadian Rockies – perhaps, of any mountain range – I’ve ever seen. Thank you for these visual gifts.

  7. Alex Gallegos

    I love your work, Paul. Thanks for showing everyone just how beautiful our world can be. I hope someday I’ll be able to adventure to some of these places and see them in person! Keep up the great work!

  8. Laura Reilly

    Quintessential Canada – beautiful and aptly named

  9. Col

    You definitely have the scenery for photography…and are a gifted photographer…well done!…

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